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Baby Shower ideas for Mom & Dad-to-be

A baby shower doesn’t mean that the moms are the only guest of honor. As one of baby shower ideas, you can also invite the couple. It will be a great way for the couple to share the celebration. It would also a way for them to socialize a little before being too occupied after having the baby. The following are some tips to host baby shower for parents.

Baby Shower Ideas

For the start, ask the mom. If the idea of having parent’s baby shower is okay for her, then go ahead. Check also the dad. When the couple is okay, then you can move to the next steps. Your next step is making the dad less awkward in the usually all-women party. Get a male co-host if it is really needed. You will need a theme for the party. Be sure to have the theme by considering that the dad will also present in the party. Invitation wordings should also be chosen carefully. For the girlish term of “shower”, you can use the word “celebration” instead for more gender neutral theme. Since this kind of baby shower ideas will be rather gender neutral party, you should avoid some ‘women only’ conversation topics which would make the dad in the awkward positions.

The same is in the case of choosing the game. The dad, just like other men, will love more competitive came. You may take this into your consideration as well. As the party goes, do not forget the drinks. You can prepare beer and non-alcohol drinks for the mother-to-be. Gift from guests are expected for the couple and their baby. Be sure that the couple takes turns as open the gifts. When the party is over, do not forget to send your guests home with some charming souvenir as your thanks for coming. Those are just one of so many baby shower ideas. Now, if you want to host a baby shower, why do not consider this idea?